During the National Performance Network/ Visual Arts Network Annual Meeting in November 2013 in New Orleans, LA, there was a need expressed from many participants to have a place for emerging artists and administrators to gather, connect and be represented.

A group of fifteen or so met for an initial meeting, in Mimi Zarsky’s presidential suite, and the seeds of national young emerging artists, administrators and managers network began coming together. Here Next Generation National Arts Network was born. We have built a coalition of 200 plus artists and administrators practicing domestically and internationally. We are a nation wide network that continues to support artists and administrators through learning calls, facilitated workshops and research and planning for leadership in the field.


The Next Gen National Arts Network is a coalition of artists and administrators from all over the United States who have set out to chart the course for being future leaders of the arts field. This effort is lead by a coalition of millennial and future leaders who support one another through networking, skill sharing, and sharing resources. We come together face-to-face where possible to build strong bonds over time.

This is not simply an organization, but a movement to develop emerging and mid-career arts leaders, primarily under forty years old, preparing them for leadership positions.  Additionally, Next Gen seeks to build bridges between the past, current and future generations of leaders to produce a more thriving field and sustainable life in the arts.


Next Gen’s goal is to produce multi-leveled diverse leadership in the arts field that represents national demographics.

We envision ourselves as a launching pad for other network organizations throughout the nation that focus on discipline or demographic groups. If you are starting out, Next Gen National Arts Network is a good place to learn skills, meet peers and leaders in the field as well as to understand where you best fit in.

We want our ecosystem to have a richness of diversity of artistic discipline, thought, capital and human resources to share. We welcome, theater makers, visual artists, musicians, dancers, craftsmen’s, spoken word artists, artisans, museum curators, program directors, box office managers, filmmakers etc. Next Gen’s goal is to produce multi-leveled diverse leadership in the arts field that represents national demographics.