Learning Call, Feb. 16th 2016

Next Gen National Arts Network presents…
February Learning Call

Three Part Series on
Race, Money and Politics in the Arts: A time for Radical Change

February 16, 2016
3:00pm Pacific Standard Time
5:00pm Central Standard Time
6:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Call In Information
Phone Number:  302-202-1092
Access code: 905-3173

* This Learning Call will be recorded*


Pt. I What it means to be White and an Ally

The Indie Theater Fund is preparing a financial response to the lack of care or concern for artists and organizations of color.  They will be announcing a new granting opportunity for artists and orgs of color. However, with an all-white board Indie Theater Fund recognizes that there are other ways to be an ally. In order to address those needs, they are inviting artists and administrators of color to be part of a conversation on how to be a better ally.

Special Guests

The Indie Theater Fund (www.indietheaterfund.org) formerly the LIT Fund, protects, sustains and strengthens independent theater presented in the five boroughs of New York City. In addition to granting vital financial resources to theater companies and individual artists, we stimulate the growth of independent theater by seeding projects that support and develop the community as a whole.

Through the Nickel Campaign (where we voluntarily tithe a nickel per ticket sold into a community chest) and by working together to become a force that sustains itself, we lift our community as a whole and enhance and highlight its impact on the cultural landscape of our city.”

Brad Burgess, Artistic Direct, The Living Theater

John Clancy, President, League of Independent Theaters

Randi Berry, Executive Director, Indie Theater Fund

Jess Chayes, Artistic Director, The Assembly

Nate Brochin, Web Consultant

Moderated by Ebony Noelle Golden



March 15th

Pt. II A City’s Cultural Policy

Looking at the recently released DCA Survey, how do you create a radical plan/response to address and ignite policy change?

April 19th

Pt. III Art & Politics

Looking at the effect politics and government has on a national level in the performing arts world and how to plan for the future.


*Learning Call curated by Brad Burgess & Candace L Feldman


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