Next Gen at NPN 2015

The Next Generation National Arts Network presented at the last National Performance Network (NPN) annual meeting in Portland, Oregon (December 11-15, 2016). The presentation was at an Idea Forum titled A NETWORK WITHIN A NETWORK: NAMING THE MOVEMENT OF CHANGE.

__ NUMBER OF PEOPLE attended the Idea Forum, with breakout groups focused on:

  1. TOPIC 1 (facilitated by Harold)
  2. TOPIC 2 (facilitated by Candace)
  3. TOPIC 3 (facilitated by Ashley)
  4. TOPIC 4 (facilitated by ____)

Outcomes from the idea forum resulted in a summery of the following key points:

  • Next Gen at NPN annual meeting 2016 (Austin, Texas)
  • How to better ______
  • What we need to realize ______
  • Validating realities of _____
  • Intergenerational exchange is key for _____



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